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Welcome to Foundations for Life

Thank you for visiting our Ministry website.

Jan. 2015 marks 40 years since I was first told, “I would one day be serving God thru the teachings of Jesus’. I was 23 at the time and just experienced a near death event. I’m 63 now and beginning full time ministry this year, so my faith runs deep.

Please take the time to read about us and watch my 5 min. video entitled THE TESTIMONY. It describes my journey to finish the book What Did Jesus Say and all the tribulation God allowed me to endure. I trust it will HELP strengthen you in your Christian walk and encourage you to trust what Jesus says above all others..

I also invite you to become a prayer partner and support our ‘Christians HELPING Christians’ program mentioned below. When you HELP me - you’re helping Christians you’ll never meet nor will they ever know you- but God knows you HELPED!

I Thank you again for visiting our website and May GOD bless you in all you do.

I serve

– Rev. Terry A. Christian

Foundations for Life

Who we are and what we believe...

Foundations For Life…
is a Christian Ministry, committed to showing the way by the word. “Our calling is to HELP all Christians”

We Acknowledge and Lovingly Support

All those called to Help save the lost. However, we are called to Help the saved better understand the Message of Jesus as HIS WORDS are represented in the Four Gospels of the Holy Bible and then outlined in Red Ink.

We are dedicated to:
  • Reminding all Believers, everywhere we go, of the final message and prayer Jesus shared with His Disciples while they gathered at the Last Supper- John 14 thru 17.
  • Encouraging the congregation to lift up their Pastor in prayer and always ‘invite’ family, friends and strangers, to their church for fellowship.
  • FREE COUNSELING for everyone seeking HELP through Jesus Christ.

We Minister and Counsel directly from the Holy Bible

** We Believe: The Whole Bible is the WORD OF GOD and all scripture is “inspired by God.”

“The Four Gospels are, by all odds, the Most Important part of the Bible: more important than all the rest of the Bible put together: more important than all the rest of the books in the whole world put together: for we could better afford to be without the knowledge of everything else than to be without the knowledge of Jesus Christ.” (Halley’s Bible Handbook)

If you want to know more about us or just ask us a question , please send us an email to

Our Calling

Our calling is to HELP all Christians mature in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
To us, H-E-L-P means- Helping Everyone Live Peacefully in Christ.

This ‘brotherly’ approach allows us to focus on our loving similarities as members of the whole Body of Christ, rather than on our differences in worshiping and practicing our faith, so common today from one church to another or one Pastor to another.


Walking with the Master,

Foundations for Life Ministries provides encouragement to all Churches, Bible Study Groups and Special Events where a loving message is needed to strengthen believers.

Rev. Christian is offering his Testimony to HELP those who are in need and find themselves emotionally trapped in their difficulties of life brought on by hardships such as sickness, death, divorce or depression.

He teaches and believes ‘With GOD all things are possible’- all the time.



Walking with the Master, begins with his born again experience in his early years to the near death experience at 23 that introduced him to the Voice of the Lord.

From there he tells the story how the Lord took him from being a stutterer to becoming a Motivational Speaker, delivering over 2500 speeches throughout America and Canada before retiring to prepare for ministry.

While researching his book “What Did Jesus Say“, he got injured in 2007, unable to properly walk for 18 months. (requiring back surgery). Then in 2009, came life threatening bladder cancer and 3 operations. Even though they said his cancer was terminal and would kill him within 3-5 years, he believed in God’s healing power of prayer and fasting. Two years later his doctors pronounced him “cancer free” and released him from their care.

Now, after overcoming 7 years of personal difficulties, heartaches and setbacks, he gives his “Walking with the Master” testimony for all those seeking healing, forgiveness and life restoration in Christ. Terry teaches and believes “ With GOD, all things are possible”.

This program can be presented in a ’30-min to 2 hour’ format depending on your needs.


WALKING with the MASTER is the theme for each of Terry’s “not-your-typical-walk-in-the-park” presentations as he takes his audience on a “stroll down the beach” sharing the Words of Jesus.


  • Using only the words Jesus spoke, he shares how we can deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ and have HIS PEACE, while going through our tribulations.
  • Using only the words Jesus spoke, he shares how we can know God’s will for our lives and live in inner peace no matter what the worldly conditions are.
  • Using only the words Jesus spoke, he helps heal the broken hearted; the divorced; and those suffering from depression or addictions.

Here’s the opportunity for your group, to meet a man who speaks with strong conviction and deep compassion as he shares his personal testimony –WALKING with the MASTER-

To schedule Rev. Terry Christian for book interviews and speaking engagements in person or on radio, internet, TV and Skype.
Call Helen Cook at 903-654-0938 or email at

Christians HELPING Christians

My Christian brothers and sisters, I ask you to join with me.

I need your HELP so I can continue to work full time helping those who can’t pay for the Christian counseling they so desperately need. I’ve meet so MANY CHRISTIANS who are suffering for the lack of knowledge of WHAT JESUS SAID or they’ve become ‘lukewarm’ in their faith and no longer consider themselves ‘practicing Christians’. Everyday I meet Christians who are depressed, angry, sick and hungry and they want healing however they’re lost with no where to go.

I want to HELP them find the light of Christ so they won’t walk in darkness again. I want to help them find the forgiveness God offers them through Jesus Christ. Only a FEW Christians have HIS PEACE as many have been poorly introduced to Jesus Christ through lukewarm preaching.

With your financial help we can continue to freely give away counseling and teaching materials as well as HELP those in need of food and shelter.

Please take the time to find out how you can HELP. I’m always available to fellowship.

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Gifts from the Heart

We appreciate the gracious love offerings and special gifts we receive from those who have benefitted by our Ministry.

We believe, showing God thanks for the blessings He’s given us is an important part of every Christian’s life.

We also believe, the most precious gifts are those given freely.
Apostle Paul said; “We should each give, not with regret or out of a sense of duty; for God loves the one who gives gladly.” - 2 Cor. 9:7 (GNT)

We ask for your help today!

The gifts and offerings we receive allow us to freely share the Teachings of Jesus. Your HELP allows us to HELP everyone we meet whether they need counseling, a Bible, or food and drink; we lovingly HELP them.

If you understand a need for this type of “Ministry to HELP Christians” then we ask you to help us by a gift from your heart.

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We THANK YOU for your gifts and give GOD THE GLORY.

in HIS LOVE we serve


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