How can we H.E.L.P.?

My name is Rev. Terry Christian, Senior Teacher and Spiritual Adviser with Foundations For Life Ministries. And I want to welcome you to! We have developed this site to serve as an Online Assistance Center to the Body of Christ and for all who have questions or would like to share a prayer.

On this site, you have the opportunity to share your concerns and challenges with us so that we can help you find the answers that you're looking for from the Holy Spirit as they are found in the Word of God. It is not our desire to replace your local Pastor or Church Fellowship - in fact, we hope to be an effective support for them that will help you come to the point where you will be able to confide in them for the very reasons they are there; to lift you up in prayer, as well as to support you on both a spiritual and personal level.

Our most sincere prayer is that we will be able to help positively impact the part of the Body of Christ that is searching Online for guidance in the midst of their spiritual challenges. There are many websites you could visit online that will offer you free counseling - we realize that, though few, if any will begin a personal 1-to-1 dialogue with you in order to work on figuring out the best way to approach the solution to your concern.

In addition to answering the call to teach the Body of Christ principles found in the Bible, we have also taken up the challenge of helping counsel and guide (1 Corinthians 12:4-8) those who are reaching out, feeling as though there is nowhere else to turn.

If you are having a hard time in any of the following areas of life, and you just don't know what to do - click on the appropriate link above or below, fill out our short submission form, and don't forget to pray... Philippians 4:6-8

Pre-Marital Counseling ADD Christian Ministry Issues Grief & Loss
Communication Skills Cutting Vocational Decisions Spiritual Issues
Conflict Resolution Depression Stress Management Anxiety & Panic
Marital Problems Friendships Sexual Addiction Career Decisions
Family Problems
Drugs or Alcohol
Parenting Issues
Social Problems
Anger Control School Problems Abuse Time Management

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Over the past 7 years, we have helped people who've been in the midst of marital strife, workplace problems, Katrina victims - teens and young adults who've attempted suicide, gotten themselves deep into drugs, alcohol and many other problems with friends and family at school and at home.

Many who've visited HELPinChrist, have only needed a single response in order to get to the root of their challenge, and have been able to move on with their lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. There are a few, however, that we still communicate with from time to time, some even on a regular basis in order to help guide and advise - ultimately, with the hope and belief that they will be delivered from their situation.

As we mentioned above, it is not our intention to be a replacement for traditional caregivers, or even a substitute. If you are currently under the care of a doctor, we do not recommend that you discontinue your care, or any prescribed medication that you may be currently taking. We believe that God can overcome any problem that mankind can come up with. Luke 18:27 The answer to the question "How does that happen?" is found in His Word.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!